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12-04-2007 17:16, 05:16 PM
Years ago designed a trading system. He was an oil trader. It was based on watching the open ranger breakout and the behavior at the pivot point as against the aver age of high and low. It seems to work well in futures other than the stock market. He decided that it did not work on currencies--looking at futures. My question is whether it would work on currencies in forex trading at similar opening times--like USD-CAD or EUR-BGP?

12-16-2021 07:13, 07:13 AM
He decided that it did not work on currencies--looking at futures.
he didnt say ACD wont work on currencies, he said you have to make sure you are using the proper opening time if you trade it on currencies. the method can work on any market as far as ive seen.

12-16-2021 08:34, 08:34 AM
Yes, in fact it's been done to death in other forums. I've used the ACD system personally about 2 years ago and basically it's a volatility breakout system. It works in the FX market, but it's the same with any time breakout system with filters. That's the main gist of it.

12-16-2021 09:55, 09:55 AM
I remember this. Isn't that in his book, The Logical Trader? I have not read that in a while. I must admit I never did anything with it except read the book. I guess I will go read it again... Thanks for posting this.. LOL Seems like he wrote that about 6 years ago, I think...

12-16-2021 11:16, 11:16 AM
It works if you can get the opening right. But the problem is that in futures you have staggered openings. My theory is that it will work on pairs that open at the same time on their local trading platforms